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Cat toys are an essential part of your cat’s life, not only for the fun aspect but for health reasons. Encouraging cat play helps your cat to exercise, keep fit and maintain a healthy weight. There are a vast array of cat toys available that range from cat toy balls, cat toy mice, catnip toys, interactive cat toys, electronic cat toys, cat bubbles and even cat DVD’s to name but a few. Interactive play sessions help to strengthen the bond between you and your cat and can help a shy cat or kitten to gain more confidence.

Many cat toys are now specifically designed to appeal to your cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and catch prey and to stimulate senses of sound, sight, smell and touch,. Cat toys now come in various shapes and forms with bells, feathers, rattles and catnip. Some cat toys even have movement activated microchips where the toys emit sounds when played with. There are also cat toys that make scrunchy, crinkley noises when touched. Cat toy wands and cat teasers are a favourite with cats and one of the most popular is the Da Bird which has feathers that are aerodynamically configured to flutter when moved and mimic the action of a bird in flight.

Play sessions with your cat should involve different cat toys and different approaches of play to see what generates interest in your cat or kitten. Make the toys act like a bird or mouse. Move the toy away from your cat so he can pursue it, hide it around a corner, under a rug and make it freeze and then move away again. Let your cat set the pace. Your cat will enjoy the pursuit but let him win, let him sometimes pounce on the toy or catch it so he has the thrill of a victory. For added interest introduce cat play cubes into play sessions. Your cat or kitten will love to chase in and out of them, roll around in them and pounce on them.

You will soon get to know what style of play your cat enjoys and what are his favourite kinds of toys. These play sessions will add fulfilment to his day, ease stress, keep him fit and active and strengthen the bond between him and you, adding fun and happiness to his life and yours.

Always remember with all cat toys safety is the first priority and they should be constantly checked for wear and tear and if any damage occurs they should be discarded immediately. It is also recommended that you supervise your cats and kittens when playing with their toys.

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Cat of the Month
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Rocky - Cat of the Month for April 2014

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This is a picture of my beautiful Persian ‘Rocky’ who is 18 months old – he is a real livewire and constantly getting in to mischief but I love him dearly! I think he would make a great cat of the month.
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Bobby - Cat of the Month for May 2014

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Originally a rescue kitten from Spain he's grown into a fine healthy young man he lives with three female kitty's who all love to pamper him. We do love him to bits.
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Rocky and Bobby

both win a selection of cat toys.

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