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Cats love to scratch it is part of their natural behaviour. Scratching serves two main purposes, firstly it helps to remove dead cells from the claws and secondly, it is a way to mark territory. A smart cat quickly learns that scratching the new sofa is a great way to get their owner's attention. To avoid the problem the best option for the owners is to give the cat a place where they are happy for their cat to scratch. A scratching post or scratcher is ideal to focus a cat's attention away from your expensive furniture.

Scratching posts and scratchers come in all shapes and sizes. As with any behaviour it is best to introduce a scratcher to a cat when they are young. To encourge your cat to scratch it is often beneficial to rub the scratcher with catnip, this more often than not will get a cat's interest. Scratching posts are usually covered in sisal rope because the claww can be readily inserted between the fibres and also the rope is reasonably hard wearing.

For outdoor cats a cat flap is a great accessory. Cats usually like to explore in the early hours of the morning and sit by the door scrtaching and meowing until someone is willing to get out of bed and open the door. Fitting a cat flap gives your cat the freedom to come and go as they please. However the flap also offers the owner control as most modern flaps have the ability to control exit and entry. Technology is now being applied to flaps and entry can be limited to cats with a specific collar or microchip.

As with all things cat some cats will quickly pick up how to use a cat flap were as other will need a little training to go through the swing door. Propping the door partly open and tempting the cat through with a treat or a little food usually does the trick.

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Rocky - Cat of the Month for April 2014

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This is a picture of my beautiful Persian ‘Rocky’ who is 18 months old – he is a real livewire and constantly getting in to mischief but I love him dearly! I think he would make a great cat of the month.
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Bobby - Cat of the Month for May 2014

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Originally a rescue kitten from Spain he's grown into a fine healthy young man he lives with three female kitty's who all love to pamper him. We do love him to bits.
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Rocky and Bobby

both win a selection of cat toys.

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