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Your cat needs a cosy and comfortable place to sleep and therefore it is essential that you provide him or her with a cat bed. Cat beds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made with different materials that have an appealing texture which cats can’t resist kneading before settling down. The range of cat beds now available is huge but some of the most popular cat beds are hooded cat beds, cat igloo beds, doughnut cat beds, snuggle cat beds and circular cat beds. Cat igloo beds, cat hooded beds and cat house beds have an opening at the front where your cat can climb into the bed. These types of bed are ideal for offering your cat security and warmth and can help a shy or timid cat or kitten to feel more settled. Some cat house beds have a removable roof and can be folded down for storage when not in use. Doughnut cat beds and snuggle cat beds come in various depths and are usually made of very soft and luxurious materials making them ideal for a well earned cat nap. Circular beds are now available with high sides which are ideal for keeping your cat snug and warm and out of any draughts.

There are also radiator cat beds which hang on radiators and are very popular, they keep your cat warm and give him a sense of security as they are higher up off the floor. Another range of cat beds also now available are those especially designed to help older or sick cats to feel more comfortable, They are made from materials such as memory foam and sheepskin and can help to relieve rheumatism, arthritis and similar conditions. For those cats that prefer to still sleep on furniture there are specific sofa cat beds designed to fit on sofas to protect your furniture. Cat blankets are also invaluable in a cat household and can be used for a variety of purposes. They are useful for covering beds and furniture where your cats may sleep not only providing protection for your furniture but warmth and comfort for your cat. Cat blankets are also useful for putting into cat carriers during trips to the vet. There are now a vast amount of cat blankets available that come in all sizes and colours.

If your cat doesn’t like to sleep low on the floor cat beds are now available which stand on bases or frames which your cat has to climb up into giving him a greater sense of security and keeping him out of draughts. Whatever cat bed you choose it is always best to buy a good quality one that is washable. Some have removable covers and cushions which are easier to clean and maintain. It is also important to place your cat’s bed somewhere he will feel safe, comfortable and secure. Avoid putting it in the middle of a room or hallway or anywhere that is busy. Cats prefer quieter places such as a corner of a room, tucked away next to a cupboard or side of a sofa. Location of a cat bed is very important so it is useful to try a few spots to see which your cat prefers. Another ideal place for a cat bed is next to a radiator or in a sunny spot in your house. You will find that if you have a few cat beds scattered around your house your cat will often decide to swap beds from time to time, even sleeping in different places and different beds at different times of the day and night.

Safety of your cat and kitten must always be first priority so always remember to check your cat beds for wear and tear and to disregard immediately if any sign of damage has occurred.

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Rocky - Cat of the Month for April 2014

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This is a picture of my beautiful Persian ‘Rocky’ who is 18 months old – he is a real livewire and constantly getting in to mischief but I love him dearly! I think he would make a great cat of the month.
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Bobby - Cat of the Month for May 2014

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Originally a rescue kitten from Spain he's grown into a fine healthy young man he lives with three female kitty's who all love to pamper him. We do love him to bits.
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Rocky and Bobby

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