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The Madcats - Cat Toys website is a great place to buy all the cat toys and cat accessories you will need for your feline friends, pampered pussies or bundles of fluff.

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We have worked hard to provide you with a great selection of cat toys and products which will cater for most of your cat's needs. We constantly update the site, so new cat toys and accessories will be appearing all the time.

Check out our featured products and our Sale & Clearance aisle there some great bargains in our cat toy and accessory shop.

Each month we choose a "Cat of the Month". All you have to do is send a photograph of your furr baby before the 20th of each month. Our team pick their favourite and the photo will appear on our website as the "Cat of the Month" winner and they will receive a cat toy prize.
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Featured Cat Product

Cat It Laser Toy
Great fun for cats.

Great value £4.99

Cat of the Month
April & May 2014



Rocky - Cat of the Month for April 2014

(click on photo for larger image)

This is a picture of my beautiful Persian ‘Rocky’ who is 18 months old – he is a real livewire and constantly getting in to mischief but I love him dearly! I think he would make a great cat of the month.
Sent in by


Bobby - Cat of the Month for May 2014

(click on photo for larger image)

Originally a rescue kitten from Spain he's grown into a fine healthy young man he lives with three female kitty's who all love to pamper him. We do love him to bits.
Sent in by

Rocky and Bobby

both win a selection of cat toys.

If you would like your cat to be entered for Cat of the Month, simply send a photograph of your bundle of fluff to:

The cat chosen by the Madcats team
will win a great cat toy.
(Email addresses will not be passed to 3rd parties)